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Sahel Caribeño Boubou

Sahel Caribeño Boubou

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Tunic – Cape - Open-front Caftan, free of buttons and zippers, loose, ankle-length, with two deep slits on each side, extremely wide sleeves, and a hood. The fabric is intentionally soft and lightweight for the seaside breeze, desert wind, SAHEL climate, or as an overcoat in urban summers. Inspired by the "boubou" of West Africa, its name comes from "mbubb," referring to the caftan worn in Senegal.


The CARIBBEAN SAHEL is the southern border of the Sahara, green, tropical, where Cumbia, Puya, and Mapalé are danced; where Tuaregs, Koguis, and Fulani reside. Cayeye and Arepa e huevo are eaten, and Arabic and French are spoken.

• The Sahel is a vast grassland that borders the south of the Sahara, where it ends, Black Africa begins. Stretching from the Red Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, it spans 6,000 kilometers between East and West Africa.

• The Colombian Caribbean is on the northern coast, strongly influenced by African culture and a tropical climate. It features beaches like Cartagena, Santa Marta, and San Andrés. Renowned for its music, dances, and traditional festivals like El Carnival de Barranquilla.

Details & Care

This piece is hand-made. Due to this hand-made process, each piece is unique and there can be slight irregularities
To ensure a long-lasting garment life, please dry clean all pieces, especially linen and cotton pieces


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