About Us

LA OCULTA is much more than a fashion brand; it’s a fascinating journey through the cultural crossroads between Colombia and Africa.

Inspired in the deep-rooted connections that link these two magical places, LA OCULTA is a women’s clothing and accessories brand that blends geographically distant materials, unique craftsmanship and a palette of neutral colors in a minimalist and timeless design.

Carefully crafted in one-size, our garments celebrate the diversity of the human body, while offering limitless flexibility in their wear. Each piece tells a story of heritage: from the impeccable Andean embroideries to the indigo of Burkina Faso; from the recycled glass buttons in Ghana to the seamstress grandma in Quindío. The result is a fashion experience that transcends borders and moments.

Our philosophy is versatility, garments and colors that adapt to different styles, places and occasions. Despite being eccentric, the brand is minimalist in its designs, impeccable in its finishings and obsessive in the selection of its materials.

In LA OCULTA, we celebrate diversity and connect cultures through fashion in a sustainable, unique and meaningful way.

Our Impact

At La Oculta, we are deeply committed to both the environment and our community. We strive to minimize our ecological footprint by employing sustainable, natural, and recycled processes, inputs, and materials in all our operations. Each piece we create stands as testament to our unwavering dedication to preserving our planet for future generations.

But our commitment does not end there. We take pride in working hand in hand with artisan communities, driving a social and transformative impact. We deeply value the talent and skill of those who collaborate with us, and we strive to support their growth both professionally and personally.

Our team is not just that; they are the heart of our family. We endeavor to create a work environment where every person feels valued, supported, and motivated to reach their full potential.

At La Oculta, we are a united family, tirelessly working towards a shared dream: to preserve our history, keep our cultural roots and practices relevant, and contribute to a greener, fairer world - all through the transformative power of fashion.