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Barichara Mara Rolled Tunic

Barichara Mara Rolled Tunic

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Tunic - cape, and loose caftan with mid-length sleeves, ankle-length, versatile neckline, and pockets. Light fabric for beach or summer wear. Modern take on the Masai Shuka and Kalasiris Dress of ancient Egypt


Barichara Mara - colonial town in Colombia with crocodiles in Chicamocha River. Blend of cultures with Maasai people eating "hormigas culonas" and speaking Kiswahili in a Santander accent. Skilled artisans carved each stone by hand to build houses and churches. Situated above arid plateau with temperate climate and clear skies at night

Masai Mara - wildlife reserve in Africa with highest animal density per square meter. "Great Migration" of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes from Serengeti

Details & Care

This piece is hand-made. Due to this hand-made process, each piece is unique and there can be slight irregularities
To ensure a long-lasting garment life, please dry clean all pieces, especially linen and cotton pieces


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