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Nilo Guajiro Kaftan

Nilo Guajiro Kaftan

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Tunic – Loose Kaftan, with long sleeves, invisible pockets, and two deep slits on each side, adorned along the central line of the back with special accents from Ghanian recycled beads. Inspired by the tunics of the ancient Mediterranean world and the Colombian Wayuu blanket. The V-cut detail on the back aims to mimic the Tharkan, which is the oldest known Egyptian female dress.

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Throughout the NILO GUAJIRO valley, birthplace of Cleopatra, vallenato music plays, kite surfing is done, frichii is eaten, and Arabic and Wayuunaiki are spoken.

• The Nile River is Africa's most important river, crucial for the flourishing of ancient Egyptian civilization. It runs between the Sahara and the Red Sea, passing through ten countries before flowing into the Mediterranean Sea.

• La Guajira is a Colombian department on the Caribbean Sea. It stands out for its desert landscapes, giant sand dunes, and the remote ranches and fishing villages of the indigenous Wayuu people.

Masai Mara - wildlife reserve in Africa with highest animal density per square meter. "Great Migration" of wildebeests, zebras, and antelopes from Serengeti

Details & Care

This piece is hand-made. Due to this hand-made process, each piece is unique and there can be slight irregularities
To ensure a long-lasting garment life, please dry clean all pieces, especially linen and cotton pieces


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